Management Systems

DIN EN ISO 50001/14001/16247/9001

Clear Pattern of Consumption

Energy- and environmental management systems establish two possible savings. First, they lead to an increased energy- and resource efficiency due to a clearly arranged pattern of consumptions. Second, in many countries there are tax advantages for certified companies according to an energy- or environmental management system. An expansion of consisting management systems (e. g. DIN ISO 9001) is often possible and manageable.

During an implementation of a management system, describing, defining and documentation of processes is the first step accompanied by measurements on the main energy consumers. SHS assists your implementation of energy-, environmental and quality management systems(50001/14001 and 9001) with certified internal auditors and offers trainings for employees with respect to the external audit.

Also small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) often hold considerable possible savings of energy or resources, but often there is no personnel capacity for implementation of a complete management system. In those cases, as an alternative standard DIN EN 16247-1 might be the choice.

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