Process Analysis

Process optimization

Holistic analysis of plastics processing processes

Even if no specific topic can be named for a "troubleshooting project", experience has shown that there is potential for process optimization. We examine your production processes and identify deficits and optimization potentials. Only what is measured can be evaluated. The extensive measuring equipment used for this purpose comes exclusively from renowned manufacturers and includes, among other things:

  •     universal data loggers for plastics processing
  •     thermographic imaging measurement
  •     compressed air balancing
  •     load profile analysis
  •     Power Quality Analysis
  •     ultrasonic leakage locating
  •     material measurements
  •     special sensors

Often there is the possibility to have our services supported with up to 50% of the order sum. We will be happy to examine the possibility of such support for you in advance.

Topics that we consider in the context of process optimization are for example:

  •     Electric motors, worm drives, pump drives
  •     Compressed air system technology
  •     refrigeration system technology
  •     Load curve analysis and peak loads
  •     annealing processes
  •     Processes and structures
  •     Logistics and internal transport
  •     Scrap quantities, yield quantities
  •     Set-up times, cycle times, material changes, rinsing times, tool changes, etc.
  •     internal stresses
  •     quality deficits
  •     individual topics according to customer requirements

Interested in a customer opinion? Please take a look at our reference list and select a reference. We would be happy to name a contact person so that you can get a customer opinion about our activities.

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