Digitization concepts

Industry 4.0 in plastics processing

Digital processes, machine communication, preventive maintenance, autonomous processes

The term "Industry 4.0" originates from the Federal Government's Research Union and refers to a project of the same name in the Federal Government's High-Tech Strategy and a research platform. This means the digitalization of industrial production and the networking of subsystems to a network in which each participant can communicate its needs and states. The aim is to optimize the entire value chain instead of individual subsystems.

SHS plus GmbH sees itself as an "enabler" for Industry 4.0 and supports you as an expert from various areas in the implementation of this exciting topic for your production. Thanks to our comprehensive know-how in plastics processing and plastics process engineering, we know your requirements and goals. At the same time, as developers and manufacturers of our own hardware and software systems for process data acquisition as well as control and regulation, we have great expertise in the fields of mechatronics, information technologies and communication technologies.


We support you in the implementation of Industry 4.0 in your company in these phases:

1." See / Visibility" (digitization): We support you in recording all process parameters as well as environmental parameters in your production and in storing this data in a higher-level central database. We use your desired (or e.g. already existing) hardware and software, but also offer you solutions from our plusMETER/plusWARE product family for every challenge on request.

Typical questions in this phase: "What data do I need at all", "What do I do with the (vast amounts) of data", "What do I need with this data at all", "How can I evaluate the data?

2. "Understanding / Transparency": As experts in plastics processing, we link causes with events. This makes it possible to understand interrelationships that make it possible to optimize processes. We analyse your data and derive correlations from it.

Typical questions at this stage are: "Why does my machine X sometimes stop", "What is the cause for the quality deficits in product X", "Why does this problem only occur sometimes"?

3." Predictability": From the gained understanding of the interrelationships, we generate models that signal problems or errors even before they occur. Communication can take place via a visualisation system (display board), by e-mail or directly to your smartphone. This enables you to increase product quality, productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

4. "Adaptability": Based on the third step, the models obtained can be implemented in control and regulation systems. This enables your systems to autonomously compensate for fluctuations in product quality.


Illustration: Exemplary structure for the digitization of production processes. Existing information (e.g. from the PLC of the extruder or SPG systems) is reused. Missing information is collected by alternative data collection systems. All data is stored in a central database. The communication channels are bidirectional.

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Bei der Umsetzung von Industrie 4.0 Szenarien kooperiert die SHS mit kompetenten Partnern. Darunter Unternehmen aus dem Bereich der ERP-Systeme (z.B. GRASS GmbH, Mattern Consult), aus dem Bereich Big-Data-Analytics (atlan-tec Systems GmbH) oder auch aus dem Forschungsbereich (z.B. SKZ - Das Kunststoff Zentrum).

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