Vipra - Virtual Production Assistance

Virtual production assistants for extrusion and injection moulding

Support for the plant operator to increase robustness, quality and productivity

SHS combines competencies from the fields of plastics process knowledge, digitization and process data acquisition as well as computer simulations

Virtual assistance systems are computer-based systems that make everyday production easier for machine operators and significantly optimize process stability, product quality and process robustness.

Our systems are based on our process data acquisition systems (different manufacturers e.g. plusMETER or B&R) and determine the current production situation on your systems and machines live. The data collected by sensors are evaluated by a PC system equipped with our assistance software. The software analyzes the real live process parameters and supports the machine operator with instructions and assistance for optimal process parameterization.

A coupling with an ERP / MES system is also possible, as is the integration of our chillWARE(R) technology for live computer simulation of your processing.

This enables even inexperienced or non-expert employees to quickly start up cost-efficient and high-quality processes or to operate them robustly.

vipra dashboard SHS plus GmbH

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vipra SHS plus GmbH troubleshooting


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