chillWARE Cooling Simulation

chillWARE Cooling Simulation

Cooling Simulation for Polymer Processing

Based on the Finite Difference Method, chillWARE Cooling Simulation allows a detailed calculation of cooling processes for extruded plastic products.

chillWARE assists you to increase product quality (e.g. residual stresses, shrinkage, sagging, warpage, degree of crystallization), productivity and energy efficiency of cooling processes. It is also possible to calculate optimized output rates for a given cooling section configuration.


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Simulation of Cooling Behaviour of Mono Layer Pipes



- Increase of energy efficiency
- Calculation of maximum possible output rate
- Reduction of residual stresses
- Estimation of cost reduction and payback period for alternative cooling techniques


Screenshots of chillWARE PipeSIM Modul

>chillWARE chillWARE



- Simulation of cooling behaviour for  Co-extruded Pipes
- Layer Thickness free parameterizable
- Free material combination possible
- Mass Throughput parameterizable for each layer


- Increase of energy efficiency or productivity
- Calculation of residual stresses
- Optimal parameter setting for every extruder




- Simulation of Cooling Process of Cables (Polymer/Metal Combination)
- Definition of Coating- and Corematerial
- Definition von Leiter- und Ummantelungsgeometrie
- Automatic Adaption of Cooling Parameters


- Determination of the critical position/temperature for deflection of the cable in the cooling section
- Calculation of residual stresses
- Cooling section design (cooling water temperature/length of cooling section) to reach target temperature


Screenshots des chillWARE CableSIM Modul





- Simulation of cooling process for sheets and rectangular profiles
- Pre-parameterized calander types available
- Roll geometry free parameterizable
- Separate definition of cooling fluid temperature for each roll


- Determination of the critical position/temperature for deflection of the sheet in the cooling section
- Reduction of operating costs due to optimized parameter setting of the cooling section
- Cooling section design to reach target product temperatur/transparency/haze





- Simulation of cooling situation for polymer coated products
- Layer and core material free parameterizable
- Automatic adaption of cooling section parameter set


- Virtual identification of optimized cooling parameters
- Calculation of material shrinkage
- Determination of maximum possible output rate
- Optimization of whole process


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