chillWARE Simulation

chillWARE Cooling Simulation

Cooling Simulation for Polymer Processing

The chillWARE cooling simulation enables the exact thermodynamic simulation of extruded plastic products on the basis of finite differences and the finite element method.

The fields of application are diverse, for example, the simulation results can be used to increase product quality, increase the productivity of an extrusion line or make the cooling process as energy-efficient as possible. Using different interfaces chillWARE allows the data export to extruder controls of well-known machine and plant manufacturers, so that the optimized process control can be selected directly at the extruder operating terminal (autoCHILL).

chillWARE was voted Product of the Year 2016 and 2017 twice in succession by the well-known German industry magazine "Plastverarbeiter" (category software, 2nd place) and is used internationally by leading machine and plant manufacturers as well as by leading plastics processors.

Simulation environments currently exist for the following extrusion processes:

  •     pipe extrusion (mono- and co-extrusion)
  •     solid rod and hollow rod extrusion
  •     cable extrusion
  •     cable coating, pipe coating
  •     stretched pipes (e.g. biaxially oriented PVC pipes)
  •     film extrusion (chill roll & calender)
  •     sheet extrusion
  •     profile extrusion
  •     blown film extrusion (in completion)


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