PressureGuard - Support Air Control

Control of volume flow and pressure level in support air systems

In many extrusion processes supporting air is introduced into the extruded product through the extrusion die. The purpose of the supporting air is to create an overpressure inside the product in relation to the environment and thus, for example, to prevent hollow chambers or melt webs from collapsing or to increase the pressure of the melt against the calibration. There are also applications where the supporting air is used to slightly cool the inner surfaces.

The adjustment of the air flow rate or pressure is usually done by manual intervention of the machine operator. However, manual adjustment without control is time-consuming, error-prone and complicated. As a result, rejects are often produced due to non-optimal setting parameters.

The regulation of the supporting air volume flows or pressures solves such problems. In an intuitive graphical user interface, exact specifications regarding pressure or volume flow can be defined for any number of different supporting air volume flows. The set values are set with high precision by piezo-electric actuators and are continuously controlled and adjusted with high precision via a compact PLC. This means that process fluctuations no longer have any effect on product quality. At the same time, the system enables accelerated start-up and starting of production.

 SHS Pressure Guard Stützluft Regelung Extrusion


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