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s-PowDi - smart Power Display

Cost reduction by minimization of power peaks

s-PowDi allows for the continuous aquisition and visualization of power peaks and energy consumption of your facilities, including "traffic lights" (red, yellow, green) to show the current level of power consumed.

s-PowDi allows you to visusalize the energy consumption and power peaks of your enterprise.

Demand charges for peak power consumption continuously increased over the recent years. The intelligent energy display s-PowDi introduces entirely new means to save on energy costs.
With our system we enable you to comprehensively monitor and manage the power peaks of your enterprise. This helps with avoiding to exeed set peak power rates and thus enables you to optimize your operating costs.
The current consumption rate is measured directly at your central feeding point. From the aquired data, our s-PowDi software calculates the following operating figures and transmits them to a WEB-based Smart-Sinage-Display:

- Current power consumption
- Current load peak
- Permitted load peak
- Comparison graph

In addition to the Smart-Signage-Display, you can access the visualization from any WEB-enabled device, including tablets and smartphones.

Product characteristics:
- Continuous power measuremen
- Intuitive operation
- Password protected administration level
- Automated 15-minute-averaging
- Easy integration into existing facilities
- WEB-based, responsive presentation
- Measurement database
- Comparison of current load with previous week
- "Traffic lights"-function warns of exeedance of load limits
- 40 inch Smart-Signage-Display including wall bracket

smart Power Display

smart Power Display - Interface

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